PARTITIONLAW.COM is the "home base" for information, ideas, and references concerning actions to partition real property in California and elsewhere.  Here you will find technical content of value to attorneys as well as educational articles and information understandable by non-lawyers.
Partition actions are lawsuits between co-owners of real property, whether they be family members, partners, tenants in common, joint tenants, heirs, and whether the co-ownership arises out of a conscious choice, as a result of distributions from an estate, dissolution of a corporation, winding up of a partnership, or from an almost endless variety of circumstances.

This website provides a wealth of information on the subject of partitioning real property.  There are case histories, extensive explanations of the law, articles on partition, forms for practitioners, and an content rich FAQ section.  Each of these can be accessed through the buttons below.  You will find navigation buttons on each of the main pages.

Visitors will be able to learn how the law deals with these kinds of disputes; they will be able to locate attorneys who handle partition actions; and they will find advice in the event they become embroiled in this kind of dispute.

The moderator of this site, Michael S. Pecherer, is an experienced attorney and real estate broker who frequently serves as a referee in partition, a role that can be understood by following the links below.  Mr. Pecherer provides a variety of services to persons, attorneys, and courts involved in partition actions.  Please feel free to contact him if you are affected in any way by a real estate dispute.  His contact information is accessible  by clicking on the "Contact Us" button.

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