This website is intended to be a source of information on partition litigation for both attorneys and property owners.  The content is selected and edited to provide comprehensive perspectives on this subject without being overly technical.

Mr. Pecherer, who has spent nearly 35 years dealing with this and related subjects, provides various services to the public and to attorneys.  These services are described briefly below.

If you are potentially or actually involved in a dispute where the partition remedy might be considered, Mr. Pecherer is available for consultation, to serve as a mediator or arbitrator, the Referee in Partition, or as a litigation consultant.

Mr. Pecherer's fees are reasonable and affordable.  His business philosophy is driven by the notion that litigation can be terribly expensive and that any and all efforts should be expended to reduce costs and to reduce the scope and duration of the dispute.  He is available to discuss his services and his fees by telephone (925-518-7076) or by email at 

Feel free to call if you would like a preliminary review of your situation without incurring any obligation for fees.  Mr. Pecherer does not provide legal representation in these matters, but works with attorneys who are competent and experienced in partition litigation.

Attorneys considering the filing of a partition action, or the services of an experienced Referee should feel free to contact Mr. Pecherer as well.

Mr. Pecherer's office is in Walnut Creek California.


General Consultation . . .

Together with attorneys experienced in partition actions, if necessary, Mr. Pecherer will provide telephonic and in office consultation on issues relation to partition actions.

Mediation and Arbitration . . .

Mr. Pecherer is a very experienced mediator and arbitrator having performed such services in more than 200 matters.  He is available to mediate disputes over real property that may have the potential of becoming partition actions or real estate matters generally.

Referee in Partition . . .

Mr. Pecherer has served as the Referee in Partition in a considerable variety of fact situations, all of which have been resolved efficiently and cost effectively. In that capacity, Mr. Pecherer has appeared in numerous court proceedings and is well respected within the judicial community.

Litigation Support . . .

Mr. Pecherer provides litigation support for attorneys involved in partition litigation.  It is often necessary to obtain preliminary evaluations, market analyses, or management of the sales process.  These functions are often within the scope of the Referee's responsibilities.

References to Attorneys. . .

Mr. Pecherer regularly works with attorneys who are experienced and highly competent in handling real estate matters including litigation and especially, partition litigation.