"US" might appear a bit misleading as Mr. Pecherer is the only person described below.  However, Mr. Pecherer works with a network of attorneys and real estate brokers throughout California and elsewhere, all of whom understand partition issues.
Michael S. Pecherer

During his 32 years of law practice, Michael Pecherer handled a very broad range of matters including complex civil litigation, mergers and acquisitions, Chapter 11 bankruptcies, commercial and residential real estate transactions, disputes involving leasing and sales, and general business counseling.  As a real estate broker, he has represented both buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real property in Contra Costa, Alameda and San Francisco counties.

Upon retiring from law practice in 2002, he obtained a real estate broker’s license and became associated with Allied Brokers of California, Inc.  in Walnut Creek, California where he has represented buyers and sellers of commercial and residential real estate.

Throughout his legal career and continuing today, Mr. Pecherer frequently serves as a mediator or arbitrator, both under appointment by various courts and also pursuant to agreements between the litigating parties.  He has served in that capacity in more than 200 matters.  He continues to be appointed as a judicial arbitrator for the San Francisco Superior Court and often serves as a mediator at the request of private parties.  Mr. Pecherer is a member of the Professional Standards Panel of the Contra Costa Association of Realtors.

Shortly after obtaining his real estate broker's licence, he received his first appointment by the San Francisco Superior Court as a Referee in Partition. He has rapidly gained a reputation as a highly competent referee and has been so appointed in numerous other cases in Alameda, Contra Costa, and Solano counties.  He has served in this capacity in many cases and often consults with attorneys who either are involved in partition litigation or are contemplating partition litigation.

Mr. Pecherer is a cum laude graduate of Columbia Law School where he was a Harlan Fiske Stone Honor Scholar, on the Dean’s List, and a two year faculty assistant to Professor Maurice Rosenberg, then reporter to the Federal Rules Committee, and to Professor William Cary, former chairman of the SEC.  He earned an MBA from Columbia Graduate School of Business in accounting and finance and a BS from the University of Michigan in chemistry and biology. After law school, he clerked on the Second Federal Circuit for the Honorable Henry J. Friendly.  

He is the father of two children who are presently moving through life successfully.  He lives in Contra Costa Ccounty in California.